A window invites passing shoppers into your store, but only if it looks appealing. POS Factory is the place to be for more than just appealing windows. After all, versatility is what makes us unique. Whether you are looking for window dressing material made of cardboard, metal, wood or plastics, everything is possible. But we offer more than that: you can also use our services for media screens, printed materials, banners, beach flags, LED displays and more. Our service goes beyond simply offering the window dressing material. We guarantee excellent quality and custom-made visual merchandising, from window dressing material to complete windows.

Shop windows unlike any other

When we say that the possibilities for windows and visual merchandising are endless, we really mean endless. For example, think of our new window display Cubes 1-2-3. With only three lightweight components in a modular system, you can fully customise the presentation of your products. Easy to assemble, without the need for a visual merchandiser.
Or think of our unique motion sensor which works through insulated glazing. Once someone passes by, the light turns on. If that does not grab their attention… From an ice machine to demonstrate the good grip of your shoes to POS material for an entire pop-up store; you name it and we make sure your window stands out.

High quality and practical window dressing material

Our window dressing material is made of excellent quality and is highly practical. You will not need any visual merchandisers to assemble our windows and displays; they are self-explanatory! Should your customer (store or outlet) unexpectedly get confused, they can always find quick and efficient solutions and instructions in our unique web portal. Would you like to hear more about the possibilities?

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