• Shop windows

    We have significantly developed our knowledge of window concepts after many years of experience. We supply shops carrying a variety of different brands, throughout the whole of Europe, with top quality temporary or long-term materials on a monthly basis, ranging from simple banners to rusty metal pillars. We can look after the entire process for you:

    Design: we would gladly work on a design for a window concept together with you.

    Engineering & Sourcing: would you prefer to supply us with your own concept? No problem! We will find the right materials, construction and decoration materials.

    Production: we are capable of quickly reacting to your needs with our production facilities throughout the whole of Europe and in China; is it your priority to stay within budget, or is realising a deadline a crucial aspect for you?

    Packaging: our experienced warehouse employees and co-packers will provide you with packages which are ready for dispatch, filled in line with a shop/delivery point’s specific needs.

    Stock: our large storage facility allows us to store your products and organise part deliveries.

    Distribution: we rely on various different partners, which we have been working together with for many years, for our distribution needs.

Our clients